Software Solutions

Advanced Web/Desktop/Mobile Apps

Inventory, Reports, Data Mapping, Appliances

Beautiful Easy-to-use User Interfaces

Best User Interface Data Tables In The World

Powerful Custom Member Login Framework

Direct System Layer Calls to Files, Protocols


Hardware Solutions

Pre-optimized/configured Web Appliances

Custom Admin/Control Apps for Hardware

Buy Single/Multi Server Solutions Through Us

You specify the Form Factor on Appliances

We work with any Comm Protocol/Config File

We will Integrate with Any HW Manufacturer


Edge Device Monitor (EDM)


For use in Cable Industry

Easy, quick setup with automatic device detection

Monitor QAM devices in real-time: alarms, logs, & more

Monitor device config changes and redundancy states

Immediately view all APEX alarms and their causes

Not a video probe… better… a DEVICE probe!!!


Auto Backr Pro (ABP)


For use in Cable/Telco Industry

For use in IT/Data Centers

Easy, quick setup

Automatic device detection

Backup most network devices

Easy retrieval of backup files

Supports disaster recovery


Channel Line Pro (CLP)


For use in Cable/Telco Industry

Easy setup with automatic device detection

Supports automatic and manual data entry

Quickly search every device and lineup

Display detailed lineup information

Graphically display device path each program uses

Includes several complex reports


Predictive Error Report Inspector (PERI)


For use in Cable/Telco Industry

For use in IT/Data Centers

Easy, quick setup

Automatic device detection

Monitor network devices in real-time

Analyzes device hardware information

Predict failures before they happen

Form and Function

We’ve all experienced it. When hiring developers, you will either get an advanced developer – who has no clue how to make an easy-to-use Interface – or you will get someone who can only make pretty interfaces with no useful function whatsoever. At Built Write, all developers are required to know the latest technologies plus have training on interface design. All projects are tested and vetted internally through multiple, non-technical layers after the initial design work is complete.

Hacker-free Apps

We are a certified integrator for nadaPASS!!! nadaPASS ( is a passwordless authentication system – it eliminates password use while making logins far more secure. Best part, no complicated hardware methods – like biometrics or USB keys – are required. Our Membership Frameworks are designed from the ground-up with the most secure technologies – including SQL Injection protections, the latest hashing algorithms, and more.

Speed and Efficiency

Built Write Solutions, Inc. has built everything from advanced network appliances to simple database applications. Through the years, we have tweaked and modified our own internally developed code snippets and frameworks to make these pieces modular enough to snap into nearly any environment, and into any platform. The advantage – rapid prototypes and builds which represent exactly the App you are looking for the first time around. Just ask our customers. We are among the best.

Compatibility Across Platforms

All development code is created using the latest HTML5 standards (when enough browser support exists), but it is also backwards compatible with older browser versions, as required. More importantly, the features available in HTML5 let us easily adapt code for other platforms as well. While the wrappers may be different, the basic code is similar across all platforms, whether it be:

  • Windows-based Computer/Laptop Browsers (i.e., FireFox, Chrome, etc.)
  • Mac OSX-based Computer/Laptop Browsers (i.e., FireFox, Chrome, etc.)
  • Window- based Desktop Applications
  • Mac OSX-based Desktop Applications
  • Mobile Browser-based Applications (i.e., iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Mobile)
  • Apple IOS-based Applications
  • Android-based Applications

Recent Projects

Through the years, Built Write Solutions, Inc. has been involved in many low and high profile projects. The more projects a development company succeeds in, the more capable the company. Therefore, allow us to share some of the recent project types we have been directly involved in developing.

  • Communicate with 100’s of Unique Devices and Servers

    Built Write was tasked with recreating a profile-based method of communicating with hundreds of different elements within a network in real-time. The code had to be optimized so that a single server could communicate with over one hundred devices a minute, giving near-instantaneous results. Each element had its own unique communication method (SNMP, SSH, telnet, FTP, SFTP, etc.) and each required gathering data in different ways. Our server had to have the ability to parse text files, XML, SQL databases, run system level commands, handle SNMP GETs, and more.

  • Redeveloping a Network Appliance

    Our developers were tasked with re-writing years of code for a larger Vendor in the Telecommunications industry, which married a hardware appliance to advanced software for purposes of gathering data from devices across a network. The project came in under budget and one month early.

  • Parsing 100,000 unsanitized files

    A recent Customer required automated parsing of data from hundreds of different sources on a daily basis. The documents came in many flavors (text files, Excel documents, Word documents, XML, etc.), and there were no standard formats for presenting data among them. A seemingly impossible project; Built Write managed to (a) build an Application which could parse over 100,000 of these documents in minutes and (b) build meaningful reports from the data.

  • A Fancy Reporting System for the Ages

    A recent Customer presented us with quite the challenge. This Customer required a full ad-hoc Reports System with many levels of access. The system would be required to (a) parse data collects from dozens of servers, (b) use the data to create reports in Excel format with charts, colors, and more, (c) automate the report scheduling process, and (d) allow on-demand reports. When completed, Built Write exceeded the customer’s expectations and added additional enhancements that the Customer had not even thought of.

  • Data Maps!!!

    A recent Customer had a database full of data, but even with reports, it was difficult to visualize how the complex data fit together. Built Write was sent the task to create a graphical data tree map – that could be drawn in real-time as requested – which would allow the Customer to see the data in new ways. The Customer was ecstatic with the results! Built Write designed over 100 different graphic icons for the map and managed to draw maps pulled from searching across 1 million database records – in just a few seconds.

  • Customer Inventory System

    Many developers have worked on at least one inventory system for a Customer. Built Write is no different. However, our Customers will tell you that we will deliver more for your money in a much shorter timeframe.

  • Passwordless Authentication

    One of Built Write’s favorite projects was in having the unique opportunity to work with nadaPASS, Inc. on the development of their passwordless authentication system. As part of the project, Built Write was able to jointly develop a backend communication system and a front end for IOS and Android apps, for nadaPASS, Inc. Together, this system may soon revolutionize how we log into Applications and Web Sites.

What others say about us

When we decided to create a Web Presence for our small Military Supply Store, we thought it would be easy, until we found out how difficult it was to manage both. Built Write came in and rewrote our Web Store presence in one week and tied our local Inventory System to it without issue. With zero hiccups, they got us back on track.

Built Write Solutions, Inc. saved the day, right when we needed them most. We had a shakeup in Engineering and discovered that some of our code, which had been developed over a several year span, was fatally flawed. So we asked the impossible. Could Built Write completely rewrite 3 years of code without referencing the original in about 5 weeks? Not only did they have working code in two weeks, but it had so many enhancements and improvements, we renamed the feature it was written for and completely rebranded it! Nice job!

CEOZanaware Technologies, Inc.

We consider the team at Built Write more than business partners, closer to friends. Without their input, I’m not sure this project ever would have gotten off the ground.

CEOnadaPASS, Inc.

My boss asked me to analyze the effectiveness of the Backup Application written by Built Write, as part of a justification for on-going Support. Basically, they created a server that could automatically back up key devices in our network and keep track of inventory. I was blown away by the results! Due to several key outages – which were greatly minimized due to instant availability of backups – I estimated we easily saved several million dollars in a single year. That is many times more than the cost of the project!!!

Technical Operations SupervisorA Top 5 North American Cable Company